Online book presentation 2020 Christopher Clarkson: Legacy and Influence of a Conservator

The Journal of Paper Conservation Volume 20 (2019), Issues 1-4 – special issue in memory of Christopher Clarkson has now been published and mailed to all members. It is already available online.

Individuals may buy a copy of the special Chris Clarkson volume (JPC vol.20, 2019) at a rate of €90 / £80 / $105. If you would like to order a copy, please contact [email protected] stating the journal, volume, publication year and currency or follow this link

Christopher Clarkson, pre-eminent conservator, scholar of the book and educator in the field passed away three years ago on Friday, March 31st, 2017. Shortly after, the idea of a special issue with the Journal of Paper Conservation dedicated to Clarkson and his work was initiated.

IADA (Internationale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Archiv-, Bibliotheks- und Grafikrestauratoren) and the Journal of Paper Conservation wanted to acknowledge and commemorate Clarkson’s scholarly and innovative contributions to the conservation of medieval manuscripts, printed books, as well as his deep knowledge of bookbinding history.This publication, under way since May 2017, gathered 21 contributions from members of the conservation community and associated fields who worked, trained or were inspired by Clarkson and his influential work:Claudia Benvestito, Georgios Boudalis, Jacques Brejoux, the Clarkson Family, Claire Dekle and Gwenanne Edwards, Assunta Di Febo, Nadine Dumain, Mirjam Foot, Hanka Gerhold, Nataša Golob, Nicole Gilroy, Marinita Stiglitz and Robert Minte, Cedric Lelièvre, Elodie Lévêque and Claire Chahin, Nicholas Pickwoad, Silvia Pugliese, Abigail Quandt, Lilian Randall, Nancy Turner, Jiri Vnouček, Jedert Vodopivec Tomažič, Stuart Welch, Miha Zor.

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