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Types of contributions

We welcome different types of contributions apart from peer-reviewed research articles. 

Research article (peer-reviewed)
These are scholarly articles of academic level focusing on innovative research work that contributes knowledge to the field of conservation.

Sample article: Christopher Clarkson (2019): The Winchester Bible: Notable Features Observed During Conservation

Projects / In Practice / Professional Matters
Articles of this type deal with current or past conservation or preservation projects, professional matters, and hands-on conservation, reflecting on the practical aspects of the field.

Sample article: Andrea Pataki-Hundt et al. (2016): The Mokvi Gospel

Degree work
Summaries of degree works recently awarded in the paper and book conservation field are included here.

Instructables describe specific techniques, technical tips, and conservation know-how (complete with step-by-step photographs or illustrations, brief explanations, and materials used).

Sample article: Remy Dreyfuss-Deseigne (2017): A New Mending Material: Nanocellulose Film

Materials & Equipment
This section introduces in short specific materials or equipment that proved to be useful to conservators.

Book reviews
Reviews of significant publications from disciplines of interest to the readership of JPC are assigned by the Editorial Board. Unsolicited reviews will not be considered. Reviews should be fair to the author and to the work.

Guidelines and Referencing

You can access the guidelines for authors below or download them as PDF, as well as an article on how to write a scientific paper and some sample issues. JPC uses a reference style based on the Harvard X. We created a stylesheet that can be added to a reference management software such as the open-source Zotero.

Supplemental Online Materials
The journal accepts supplementary material, such as video and sound files, datasets, filesets, 3D models, or anything which supports (and is pertinent to) your paper. These will be published alongside the online version via Figshare on Taylor and Francis’s website.
We also strongly advise publishing supplementary materials on IADA’s Zenodo community

If you have any questions, please contact the editors at [email protected].