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Special Issue: Christopher Clarkson – Legacy and Influence of a Conservator

The JPC volume 20 (issues 1–4): ‘Christopher Clarkson – Legacy and Influence of a Conservator’ was released as a single volume dedicated to Christopher Clarkson. This volume contains contributions written by scholars and practitioners who wanted to share research and work influenced or prompted by Clarkson’s philosophy.

The volume also collects a number of biographical submissions on his influence and work as well as Clarkson’s last unpublished paper. Christopher Clarkson devoted most of his working life to the study and understanding of manuscripts and early printed books. As an archaeologist of the book, his teachings focused on honing craft-based skills and visual observation and combined them with an acute historical awareness that created a deeper degree of understanding and respect for the integrity of an historical artifact. His extraordinary knowledge and his dedication to passing on that knowledge to others have left an indelible mark on many institutions around the world, as have his innovative approach to his work and his seminal publications, which remain an essential part of a book conservator’s repertoire.

The exacting levels of craftsmanship to which he worked have set a high standard in the field of book conservation. These articles by a wide range of eminent scholars and conservators from many different countries reflect the influence Christopher Clarkson has left on the discipline.

The Journal of Paper Conservation Volume 20 (2019), Issues 1-4 – special issue in memory of Christopher is already available online.
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