International Association of Paper Historians: The 36th IPH congress

17th August 2022 — 22nd August 2022

The 36th Biennial Congress of the International Paper Historians (IPH) will be held in Krems/Donau, Austria from August 17 – 22 2022. The congress, entitled Paper of Graphic Art, is the first in Krems, and the second in Austria since 1992. It will be held in co-operation with Krems City Archives and regional monasteries as well as with two exhibitions, one about Kremser Schmidt and one by Nedim Sönmezönmez.

The congress will focus on paper, whatever its source, used as the primary material for Graphic Art world-wide. While books and their paper were the focus of numerous previous IPH meetings, we want to put graphic art on paper into the centre of the Congress. Because of this, we welcome research on any papers, regardless of origin, so long as they may be connected with prints and drawings in one or the other way. This however, also includes contemporary installations involving paper. Presentations are sought for the following main themes:

1. Papermaking in particular for artwork.
2. Artists and their choice of paper.
3. New technologies in paper studies, such as new techniques for recording watermarks and other physical characteristics of paper, or the evolving use of databases for managing and sharing watermark images and information.
4. A limited number of talks on topics outside these subject areas may also be selected.