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ICOM-CC Working Group Graphic Documents, Interim Meeting – sustainability and diversity in conservation practice and recent advances in preventive conservation

10th February 2022 — 12th February 2022

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Call for Papers

ICOM-CC Working Group Graphic Documents, Interim Meeting

Theme: sustainability and diversity in conservation practice and recent advances in preventive conservation

Deadline 10th October 2021 

The ICOM-CC Working Group Graphic Documents is inviting contributions for its February 2022 virtual Interim Meeting. The meeting will take place from

10th to 12th of February 2022

and it will be a virtual event only in response to health and environmental priorities. We also hope that a virtual meeting will allow a large number of people to attend the event. Two days of lectures will be dedicated to the topic of sustainability, diversity and recent advances in preventive conservation. Short webinars on a wide range of topics and virtual conservation studio tours will be held at the end of the meeting.

This Working Group Interim meeting will provide an opportunity to share and exchange ideas about sustainability and diversity in book and paper conservation. How have the terms shifted throughout the years and how do they continue to evolve? What do these terms mean to you and your daily work? How sustainable and diverse is the field and how can we help to further develop these concepts within the conservation community. We want to discuss the conservation research that has taken place in these areas as well as practical solutions.

We would also like to give emerging conservators a voice. For this reason, a session will be reserved for students and recent graduates (no more than 3 years after graduation). There will be also a poster session, in which 5-minute flash presentations will be offered, giving you an opportunity to share the highlights of your research.

On the basis of these reflections and questions, we invite papers on the following, but not limited, topics:

  •  Themes around sustainability in conservation research and practice
  • Alternative chemicals and materials for eco-friendly conservation treatments such as gels or green solvents.
  • Alternative materials and innovative approaches for exhibition planning, building, packing and transport.
  • Sustainable energy resources or management for climate control, HVAC, lighting systems, digital emission etc.
  • How do you deal with waste in your lab or studio such as gloves, synthetic materials, solvents etc.?
  • Your experience in pursuing sustainability in your institution: How does sustainability affect your decision-making process? Is there a “Green Network”? How are you reducing your carbon footprint? Are you able to integrate sustainability in your daily work?
  •  Themes around diversity in conservation and institutions
  • How do you treat objects that are from a certain cultural or historical context? (How) do you seek input or collaborative partnerships from source communities in order to preserve not only the physical but also the conceptual integrity of the objects? What role does it play in your treatment decision-making or conservation decisions?
  • How to assess damage if objects relate to a political or social movement? To what extent should damage be acceptable and how to preserve these evidences of human history?
  • Conservation materials, techniques and philosophies from non-Western cultural backgrounds.
  • Diverse communities in exhibitions
  • Your experience in promoting diversity in your institution: diversity of your collections, staffs, publications, student programs, workshops etc.
  •  Themes around Preventive conservation revisited 
  • Improved preservation measurements
  • Measurements of environmental parameters in exhibition spaces
  • Potential chemical emissions from paper-based objects
  • Minimizing the degradation through collections care initiatives
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic factors contributing to the degradation of paper collections
  •  Emerging conservator session

–      Share and discuss your ideas/work with the conservation community

Submission details (deadline 10th October 2021)

Please send a preliminary title, corresponding author’s name, professional title, affiliation, contact information and an abstract:

– regular session and emerging conservator session max. 500 words, max. two illustrations

– 5-minute flash presentation: 150 words, max. two illustrations

– a short biography as soon as possible to: [email protected]

The conference language will be English.

If you want to be considered for the emerging conservator session or the 5-minute papers, please indicate in your submission.

For further information, please contact us at

[email protected] or

[email protected]

Andrea Pataki-Hundt – Coordinator, ICOM CC Graphic Documents Working Group

Emilie Cloos, Valentine Dubard, Julio M. del Hoyo-Meléndez, Yuhui Liu, Marlen Börngen – Assistant Coordinators