Call for Papers

Call for Papers ist geschlossen

Der Call for Papers ist nun geschlossen. Wir haben zahlreiche Abstracts erhalten – vielen Dank für all die Beiträge! In den nächsten Wochen werden wir das vorläufige Tagungsprogramm zusammenstellen und im November veröffentlichen.

SHOW IT AND SAVE IT – before, during and after Covid-19:
Exploring the Compromises between Exhibition and Preservation

Date: 14th February – 18th February 2022
Deadline:  30 September 2021, h.23.59 CEST.
Place:  Online conference
Online submission
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The International Association of Book and Paper Conservators (IADA) welcomes abstracts for the 2022 Symposium, to be held online in February 2022.
The topic of the next IADA symposium was chosen shortly before the start of the pandemic and this call for papers was first written when there was still hope for a quick return to normal. Since then, the situation in every country has constantly changed and there is still a lot of uncertainty for the near future. The topic of the symposium was therefore updated by making it more topical and addressing the challenges of exhibition and preservation not only in a regular context, before the pandemic, but also during and after Covid-19.

List of Topics
IADA welcomes proposals that cover the following or similar topics:

  • Temporary, long-term or virtual exhibitions: different issues, same solutions?
  • Private or institutional conservators: how much of the workload is dedicated to exhibitions, and how has this affected conservation practices?
  • In recent years, has there been a shift in the conservation profession towards more exhibition-led projects and missions? Has the style of exhibition or new audiences changed the way that conservation is practised or perceived?
  • Exchanges between professions: how do different professions communicate? What is the role and influence of the conservator in the decision to display artefacts?
  • Exhibitions in the time of Covid-19: how has the pandemic and its associated restrictions influenced display and loans, and impacted their preservation in this context?
  • Loans: transport, condition reporting, environmental conditions, installation and display: who is doing what, and is it really an interdisciplinary collaboration?
  • Loans during Covid-19: Objects and couriers lost in transit? Did they travel back or stay, and what measures were taken to ensure the safety of both?
  • How do inclusion and accessibility affect the display and preservation of objects?
  • Concerns about sustainability and environment: are materials and display equipment recycled or responsibly sourced? Are they environmentally friendly? Are materials reused from one event to another?
  • Research, scientific experimentation and analyses on new materials and equipment: results, innovations and solutions for display, and new conservation issues related to exhibitions.

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