IADA supports professional exchange

IADA recognises the importance of creating an international community of conservators, who share common values. To achieve the best result we organise a Congress and a Symposium; they are held every four years, on a two year rotation, to put the events two years apart.

The IADA Congress is the larger of the two events as it also includes the general members assembly. The Congress lasts four to five days and features a broad program with talks from all areas of book and paper conservation. On the last day there are usually workshops and guided tours through local conservation studios/museums.

The IADA Symposium lasts between two and three days and is focussed on a specific topic. It also features lectures and a day of activities like talks and guided tours.

These conferences are an opportunity to meet members in person, exchange the latest conservation news and build new collaborations and connections. Non members are also welcomed to join the conference.

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