Junior Paper Conservator

The Nationalmuseum is a state authority and Sweden’s leading museum of art and design with approx.150 employees. The museum collections consist of older paintings, sculptures, drawings, and graphic works, as well as arts and crafts and design from antiquity to the present day.
The Nationalmuseum in Stockholm invites applications for a temporary, full-time position as a Junior Paper Conservator in the field of illuminated Medieval and Renaissance manuscripts for 2 months.
The manuscript collection of the Nationalmuseum is small but of high quality. It was brought together during the 20th century, with a special focus on illuminations, and consists of 20 bound volumes, with a total of ca 4000 leaves, and ca 90 loose leaves and fragments, with objects dating from the 11th century to the beginning of the 16th. The manuscripts represent various categories of biblical, liturgical, devotional and legal texts, and were produced in locations across Europe and other parts of Christianity: in Italy, France, Constantinople, Ethiopia, England, Spain, Germany and the Low Countries.
During 2022 and 2023, the manuscripts will be fully inventoried and photographed, and will undergo preventive conservation in a project dedicated to the collection. A selection from the collection will be presented to the general public on the Nationalmuseum’s website, while more detailed information on each object will be entered in the database.